Kristen Stewart denied mocking Justin Bieber in a Jenny Lewis music video made last summer, which featured the Twilight actress sporting a tracksuit, backwards cap and mustache. The video, “Just One Of The Guys,” was released in July last year.

When asked about the performance on Wednesday on "Conan," Stewart, 25, denied "channelling" Bieber.

“Were you channelling who I think you were channeling?” Conan asked Stewart on the show, according to Daily Mail, adding: “Minus the moustache?”

Stewart replied: “In his dreams,” adding: “I didn't even mean that! That was like such a cheap stupid joke!”

Stewart had paired up with Anne Hathaway in the video to dance with wigs, tracksuits, caps and mustaches.

“I'm pretty obsessive when it comes to Jenny Lewis," Stewart said on the show, according to, adding: "Rilo Kiley is just my favorite band of all time. I was shocked I was even able to do it. I could barely meet her when I met her the first time. And then she's like 'Come be a total goofball for a day. It's just us girls. It's going to be so much fun.' I was like if 'I can breathe enough to do that then I...' and I did it. I'm proud of myself."

Catch Stewart's response to Conan's question in the video below.

Here's the video of Jenny Lewis' "Just One Of The Guys."