Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart graces the cover of the September issue of Elle UK. Pictured: Stewart is seen at the Hollywood Film Awards in Los Angeles, Nov. 14, 2015. Reuters

Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis interviewed fellow thespian Kristen Stewart for the September issue of Elle UK magazine, the cover of which Stewart graces. The two also discussed “everything from the perils of social media” and talked about how they want to tell autograph hunters to buzz off and how they maintain true friends in the industry “despite the pressures of fame.”

“Rule Breaker Kristen Stewart” is the magazine’s tagline for the September issue that includes pictures clicked by photographer Kai Z Feng. On cover, Stewart is seen wearing a full-sleeved, crimson red top with dull red bottoms from the Gucci Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Her cropped hair looks disheveled.

Stewart revealed she is not a good dancer and has “no rhythm” but has an innate desire to “tear s--- up on the dance floor.” She told Lewis she does not have a fashion icon and loves wearing clothes that make her feel comfortable. “I wear jeans and -- I always say this and it’s so boring to do fashion interviews for magazines. … I don’t really have a fashion icon,” Stewart said, MTV reported.

The “Clouds of Sils Maria” actress is proud she has never tried to “emulate someone’s thing” and has her own personality. Stewart's style is androgynous and she is often photographed wearing pants and T-shirts. But when she attends red carpet events, Stewart is at her glamorous best and loves to wear designer dresses and gowns.

Stewart will be next seen in “American Ultra,” a comedy-action movie where the actress plays a pothead girlfriend to actor Jesse Eisenberg. The movie tells the story of a stoner couple chased by CIA. “American Ultra” is slated to hit theaters on Aug. 21.

The Stewart issue of Elle UK is slated to hit newsstands later this month.