More than 20 years after Kurt Cobain left this world, his death remains a mystery — at least for Nirvana fans who don’t believe he committed suicide. The grunge rocker was found dead at his Seattle home April 8, 1994, three days after he shot himself in the head with a shotgun. While the Seattle Police Department ruled Cobain took his own life, there are some murky scenarios that have led scores of people to believe Cobain’s death was a homicide. Here are some of those conspiracy theories, many of which are convoluted, 22 years after Cobain died.

1. The suicide note was fudged. This is quite possibly one of the most common beliefs held among conspiracy theorists. Some think Cobain’s suicide note was originally written as an “I’m leaving you letter” to wife Courtney Love. Some of the lines in the letter apparently didn’t match his handwriting. The two had a tumultuous relationship and were supposedly talking about divorce at the time of his death. Except for the last lines, which read, “Frances and Courtney, I’ll be at your alter. Please keep going Courtney, for Frances. For her life, which will be so much happier without me,” the suicide note could be interpreted as a “goodbye” letter.

2. Courtney Love had Kurt Cobain killed. Since the two were apparently on the outs, there are some who believe that the Hole singer hired someone to kill her husband. The documentary “Kurt & Courtney” explores this theory. Eldon Hoke, also known as "El Duce," claims Love offered to pay him $50,000 to dispose of the Nirvana frontman. "Yeah, she offered me 50 grand to whack Kurt Cobain,” El Duce says in the film. Two days after El Duce’s interview, he was hit and killed by a train. His death was ruled an accident.

3. Courtney Love and her nanny wanted to kill Kurt Cobain. Tom Grant, a private investigator, is a conspiracy theorist, too. He said the case should be reinvestigated. Grant has been outspoken about the circumstances surrounding Cobain’s death and this is especially true in the film “Soaked In Bleach,” which is touted as a documentary. Grant was hired by Love April 3, 1994, three days after Cobain went missing from a Los Angeles rehab. He maintains that Love and Michael Dewitt, her live-in nanny, conspired to kill Cobain. While Cobain was “missing,” Grant checked the Lake Washington home April 6 where Cobain was ultimately found dead. He didn’t find the singer’s body because he was in the greenhouse above the garage, but the next day, when Grant returned, he did find a suspicious note from Dewitt on the main staircase that wasn’t there the day before. "I can't believe you managed to be in the house without me noticing. You're a fucking a-----e for not calling Courtney..." Grant says on his website,, "I had a feeling the note was intended for me to find, not Kurt. It just seemed phony."

4. Someone injected Cobain with a fatal dose of heroin before the gunshot. The Nirvana singer was found with three times the lethal dose of heroin in his system. "The forensic pathologist we spoke to said that there's no way this guy could have injected a triple lethal dose of heroin into his system, then rolled down his sleeve, put away the drug kit, picked up the shotgun and shot himself. He would have been incapacitated within seconds,” private investigator Max Wallace, who worked with Grant, told Matt Lauer in 2012.

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