Kylie Jenner
"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star Kylie Jenner (pictured on the red carpet for DuJour Magazine on Aug. 28, 2014) turned 18 on Monday, and foe Blac Chyna seemingly had something to say about it. Getty Images/Astrid Stawiarz

With “Rack City” rapper Tyga in the middle, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Kylie Jenner and model Blac Chyna are the queens of passive-aggressive social media posts. Even though the two have never called each other out by name, they continue to post little jabs at each other on Instagram. And there was no exception when Kylie turned 18 Monday. Blac had a few messages that she seemingly wanted to share with the new adult, who is dating the father of her 2-year-old son, King Cairo.

One of Blac's most recent Instagram pictures was a photo of a quote that read: “Don’t trust what you see, even salt looks like sugar.” While some of her 3.4 million IG followers assumed she was talking about her ex-boyfriend’s new lover, Kylie, others thought it was a stretch.

A different post that got more people chatting was a photo captioned “Picture this.” It showed Blac, 27, smiling and waving to a crowd. The image received more than 51,600 likes and attracted hundreds of comments.

“Pretending I'm having fun secretly jealous to death of Kylie,” one person wrote. “Oooh u got a Ferrari, good for u. Been there done that. Bye wig,” another said.

The second comment was a reference to a birthday present Tyga, 25, purchased for his ladylove: a Ferrari estimated at $240,000, E! News wrote.

It also might be the second car he gave her for her birthday. Tyga reportedly bought the reality star a red Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, but rumors swirled that it belonged to Blac first, E! News wrote in a different story.

Kylie ignored Blac’s apparent shade on her birthday and instead posted IG pictures of a shoot she did with Los Angeles photographer Sasha Samsonova. The teenager wore multiple wigs and looks for the shoot.

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