Tyga’s former girlfriend, Blac Chyna, wants Kylie Jenner to “stay away” from her son King Cairo, Hollywood Life reported. Chyna and Jenner have been feuding since the latter started dating rapper Tyga.

Chyna is reportedly concerned about her 2-year-old son after Jenner changed her Instagram name to “King Kylie” as a tribute to King Cairo. Initially, the name change was considered as the reality TV star’s apparent way of belittling Chyna. But, sources later stated that Jenner would never bring the toddler into their drama.

“King doesn’t need any tributes or special gestures from anyone other than his mother,” a source told Hollywood Life. “And just in case anyone in particular isn’t clear -- his mother is Blac.

“Blac thinks [Kylie] is either really smart or just plain stupid," the source close to Chyna, reportedly said. “She thinks it’s more of the stupid factor. Common sense would tell most women in the world that you shouldn’t be around the child whose mother is the ex of the person you’re with.”

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star changed her name from “Kylizzle” to “King Kylie” over the weekend, and sources reportedly stated that it had to do with her love for King Cairo.

“It’s a tribute to Tyga’s son, King. Kylie had a blast looking after him and chasing him around the basketball court at Tyga’s game last weekend. She can’t count the number of times she said ‘King’ at the game,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She had the time of her life with him and thinks he’s just as cute as a button. So she decided to make that her name on Instagram for now. She’s just showing the little guy some love.”

After the name change, Chyna did not hit back at Jenner on social media, and instead, posted pictures with her new boyfriend and professional boxer J’Leon Love.

“Blac totally thinks Kylie is just trying to get at her with this whole name change thing,” the source revealed to Hollywood Life. “But she’s really trying to rise above it. She’s got so much going on in her career right now and she just wants to keep it positive and not play little girl games.”

Last month, Chyna was reportedly fighting with Tyga for full custody of their son King Cairo. But recently, she took to Twitter, saying: "Tyga I forgive you ! Im over the drama."

Chyna was also reportedly the reason behind Kylie and Tyga’s split in April. Troubles between the couple erupted after Chyna posted personal messages of her conversation with Tyga on social media, giving rise to speculation that Tyga wanted her back. But, Kylie and Tyga later got back together and recently sparked engagement rumors after they were spotted at a jewelry store in Beverly Hills over the weekend.

However, Chyna's latest romance with Love has reportedly made Tyga envious of the two.

"Tyga’s been talking to Blac on a daily basis because this man is in her life. He’s been prodding Blac, wanting to know how serious this thing is while using King as a weapon to get information. He told Blac he’s wanting to know everything about this man,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “Kylie knows that he and Blac have been communicating more because of this. He doesn’t hide that from her but she’s annoyed at how often they’re now talking and can sense his jealously.”