While some celebrities have decided to distance themselves from James Charles after his recent YouTube drama with ex-friend Tati Westbrook, Kylie Jenner invited him to the launch party of her new skincare collection. The YouTuber is attending the party just after releasing a 41-minute video in the ongoing feud between him and Westbrook.

Jenner had requested all her party guests to come dressed in pink. Charles decided to go to the party shirt-less, wearing a pink pastel blazer, People reported. He finished the look with straight leg pastel pants and a diamond choker necklace.

The feud between Charles and Westbrook started after he posted about Sugar Bear Hair, a competitor to Westbrook’s product Halo Beauty. In response to the post, she wrote that she felt “betrayed” and “lost.”

Charles tried to apologize on Instagram, but Westbrook didn’t accept it. She also went on to share a video accusing the YouTuber of spreading lies about her and of sexually harassing straight men. Charles responded by sharing a video of his own.

Despite the feud with Westbrook, Charles was reportedly in “positive spirits” at Jenner’s party. He shared a selfie of him and the makeup mogul on Instagram. He also got a chance to click a picture with Kris Jenner.

Just as the guests were asked to wear pink for the party, everything at the party including the food offered had the pink theme. The drinks at the party included a “Coconut Blush” drinks on ice made with tequila, raspberry liqueur, lime juice, coconut cream and rose water, People reported. There were French fries in pink holders, pink ice cream, and sushi that came with pink rice. All the food and drinks came with the Kylie Skin logo.

The new line of products that Kylie has launched include a vitamin c serum and eye cream, E! News reported. The makeup mogul shared a picture of her new products on Instagram.