Kylie Jenner is reportedly devastated because of a "scathing" text message she received from her boyfriend Tyga and has decided to go to her sisters for comfort. Earlier reports said that the couple has been facing issues with each other, though they got back together after a two-day breakup.

"Kylie was livid Tyga sent her a mean spirited text message, and [she] shared it with all her sisters," a source told Hollywood Life. "She couldn’t believe he could be so cruel. Every one of the girls were terribly upset by it, especially Kourt [Kourtney Kardashian]."

"Kourtney thought it was a downright ugly message and told Kylie she doesn’t need to be with someone who’s not supportive," the source said, adding: "Kourt’s never liked them together and this message, for Kourt at least, is the final nail in the coffin. She told Kylie to break it off with him immediately, and that she could do better -- a whole lot better."

Following reports that Jenner's lip kits had not reached the customers, Tyga sent a "scathing" message and trashed Jenner’s family for thinking that the "Stimulated" rapper was not good enough for her.

"Tyga’s shaking his head that Kylie and her family saying he’s bad for her brand after he learned that her lip kits haven’t made it to customers," a source told Hollywood Life on Tuesday, adding: "He sent Kylie a scathing text that said, 'So I’m bad for your brand but you and your mom ain’t sending people their lip kits. Lol. Smh.'"

"To say Tyga’s upset is an understatement. He’s hurt. She literally blew him off at every turn last week and he hasn’t gotten over it. He doesn’t know how much fight he’s got left in him," the source said.

Since their breakup rumors, Tyga has moved out of Jenner’s house and the couple seem to be spending a lot of time separately.