Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner was seen bonding with Tyga's son during North West's birthday celebrations in Disneyland. Reuters/L.E. Baskow

Kylie Jenner was spotted bonding with Tyga’s son, King Cairo, during the birthday celebration of Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West, on Monday. The news reportedly gave rise to speculation that Tyga’s former girlfriend, Blac Chyna, may not be happy with Jenner’s closeness with her son.

Jenner’s boyfriend, Tyga, and his 2-year-old son accompanied the Kardashian family to Disneyland to celebrate North West’s second birthday. The three were also seen riding on a small boat on the Storybook Canal ride, Daily Mail reported. However, it was unclear if Chyna approved of the outing.

Jenner and Chyna have been feuding with each other since the former started dating Tyga. The model previously expressed her concern over Jenner’s love for King Cairo when Jenner changed her Instagram name from “Kylizzle” to “King Kylie” earlier this month.

According to reports, Chyna had previously warned Jenner to “stay away” from her son, as she feared the reality TV star might steal King Cairo from her.

“King doesn’t need any tributes or special gestures from anyone other than his mother,” a source told Hollywood Life. “And just in case anyone in particular isn’t clear -- his mother is Blac."

Last month, when Chyna and Tyga were fighting for the full custody of their son, Jenner, 17, reportedly said that she would help her rapper boyfriend once she is legally an adult.