Tyga and Kylie Jenner
Tyga was already wooing other ladies while he was still out with ex-girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. In this photo, the ex-couple attended the Front Row for the Philipp Plein Fall/Winter 2017/2018 Women's And Men's Fashion Show at The New York Public Library on Feb. 13, 2017. Getty Images/Dimitrios Kambouris

News about Tyga’s cheating ways are nothing new, but now a new one has surfaced that only proves Kylie Jenner was right to split up with him - for good - last year.

Jenner’s ex-boyfriend was reportedly wooing British Playboy model Carla Howe while they were still dating. A source told the Sun Online that Tyga was already making the moves on her before, but she only entertained him after he broke up with Jenner.

“Carla and Tyga started dating officially in July but he’d been messaging her since the March,” the source revealed. “She knew he was still with Kylie so apart from a couple of friendly replies, she didn’t take it any further.”

“He contacted her through Instagram and complimented her on her photos. He said he could help her career too,” the source added. “As soon as his relationship with Kylie ended he upped the ante and was messaging Carla non-stop. That’s when she got more serious and started responding. She would never have seen him while he was dating Kylie.”

While out with Howe, Tyga never talked about Jenner, and Howe never brought her up. Instead, Tyga lavished his new lady with “compliments” and being with her stirred up his “old romantic” side. “He treats her like a princess and they enjoy low key dates in places where the paparazzi won’t see them,” the source said.

Tyga and Jenner parted ways earlier in 2016. Neither of them discussed why they split up, but many suspect it is because of the rapper’s tendency to be unfaithful. Whatever the case, Tyga opened up about their split during an earlier interview with Power 105.1 FM’s “The Breakfast Club.” He said that he has moved on from their relationship, since “I have love for her but I’m not in love no more.”

He also denied being left behind by Jenner, since their breakup was a mutual decision. “When you make a decision to not be in a relationship with someone, ya’ll make that decision, ya’ll split ways,” he explained.

Soon after they broke up, Jenner got together with another rapper named Travis Scott, while Tyga remained single. It was later reported by TMZ that Jenner is pregnant with a girl.