Reality TV stars Kendall and Kylie Jenner are in the midst of yet another driving faux pas. After Kylie uploaded a Snapchat video of her sister with her hands in the air and one leg out the window while in a moving vehicle, both have been hit with major criticism.

It was unclear which Jenner sister was actually behind the wheel while the video was taken, but followers were unhappy nonetheless. According to a report by the Daily Mail, the video was not received well. Kendall appeared to be in the driver’s seat with both hands off the wheel and one of her legs was sticking out the window. She was yelling that she fixed something, but it was unclear what it was.

The video was posted by Instagram user @kylizzlesnapchats and the feedback from followers coincided with the report. Some fans pointed out that the video was probably flipped before it was uploaded. Taken from a phone cam, this can happen both for videos and photos. This resulted in some fans reasoning out that Kendall was in fact in the passenger seat. That means that Kylie was filming the video while she was driving. The criticism shifted to Kylie, but both girls got flak for dangerous behavior behind the wheel.

“Who would be such a retard to stick their leg outside a car window when driving? And why would they post videos on social media while driving?” said user ibadasf. “OK it doesn't matter if she's driving or not. She could've lost her leg,” said another.

The comments section turned into an online debate about which one of the Jenner girls was driving. Many also pointed out that they should have learned their lesson from Caitlyn Jenner’s fatal car crash in February.