LaLa Anthony
La La Anthony attends the 'Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: Art Of The In-Between' Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, May 1, 2017. Getty Images

La La Anthony and her estranged husband Carmelo Anthony were spotted together celebrating Mother's Day with their son despite their recent split, TMZ reported late Sunday. Earlier in the day, the trio visited the Neta, a sushi joint in the Village, and there seemed to be no tension between the exes.

According to TMZ, Carmelo and La La maintained a straight face as they walked into the restaurant along with their 10-year-old son Kiyan. You can watch the video showing the ex-couple entering the food joint here.

La La and Carmelo ended their nearly six-year relationship last month, and were spotted on separate occasions without their wedding rings. While they have not publicly revealed a reason behind the split, many speculate the 37-year-old discovered her husband's alleged mistress was nearly 7 months pregnant with his child, following which she decided to call it quits.

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However, Entertainment Tonight debunked the rumors. "Carmelo has told La La and those close to him that these rumors about him impregnating a dancer are not true," a source told the website in April.

The former couple has not officially filed for divorce, but TMZ said in one report that there was “virtually zero chance of a reconciliation.”

Last week, La La opened up about her time after splitting from the New York Knicks forward.

La La co-hosted a TV show Saturday, where she revealed how she managed to stay strong after the breakup from Carmelo after being married for nearly seven years.

“My family. My family is my strength,” La La said while co-hosting VH1’s second annual “Dear Mama: An Event To Honor Moms” with Anthony Anderson. “My family and God is my strength. That’s where I’ve always found my strength my entire life, so now would be no different.

“My mom just always taught me to let people live, let people be who they are without restrictions, without limitations,” La La, whose birth name is Alani Vazquez, said about her mother being supportive of her all the time. “I think that’s why I was able to go so far in my life and career — because my mom always supported me, even when I had the craziest ideas ever. So I definitely would do the same with him, and just support him in whatever he wants to do.”

On May 1, La La attended Met Gala wearing an all-black ensemble and took to Instagram to post her photo in the dress. She captioned the picture: “Unbreakable,” following which social media users speculated that the TV star's photo caption was hinted at her estranged husband.

“I'm so happy to see [you] doing well. What you experienced has been what a lot of women went through. I'm just saying you you [sic] slay.. stay strong you encourage me,” Instagram user tanisha_im_virtuous wrote after the apparent diss. Kadigoodlife added: “Carmelo must b having 2nd thoughts now.”

Recently, Carmelo commented on a photo shared by La La on her Instagram account, expressing his love for her and their 10-year-old son.