La Tropezienne Bakery
The famous La Tropezienne Bakery of St. Tropez has opened its first location in Los Angeles. Courtesy of La Tropezienne Bakery

From the beautiful coastline of the French Riviera in St. Tropez, CEO and founder Lionel Azoulay and chef Laurent Cavazza have opened La Tropézienne Bakery (211 S. La Brea Ave.) where the exquisite French cuisine meets the city of Los Angeles.

Laurent Cavazza
Chef Laurent Cavazza celebrates the opening of La Tropezienne Bakery in Los Angeles Courtesy of La Tropezienne Bakery

With a design reminiscent of traditional St. Tropez, white marble walls touched with a hint of gold, La Tropénzienne exhibits architectural excellence. Displayed along the walls are nostalgic photographs taken from St. Tropez, allowing guests to relish the classic beauty. Sitting on the charming terrace that oversees La Brea Avenue, newcomers can indulge in French delicacies.

“I'm so excited to bring authentic French cuisine to Los Angeles," Azoulay said. "La Tropézienne will be the first full French eatery not only in LA but all of the U.S. Each pastry is delicately crafted to model after the classic St. Tropez taste. The quality ingredients along with the exquisite preparation by chef Laurent Cavazza and his team is undoubtedly something the city of Los Angeles has never tasted or experienced before.”

Raspberry Tart
The  bakery offers pastry items, including Éclair Tropézien, Macaron St. Tropez, crème puffs and raspberry tarts.     Courtesy of La Tropezienne Bakery

When he was 18, Azoulay ran his own digital marketing company. As he transitioned to LA, his driving passion for the food industry and his love for the classic St. Tropez delicacies allowed him to import La Tropézienne Bakery to the U.S. Azoulay spent a lot of time in St. Tropez in the past three years convincing Cavazza to join the project and conquer the U.S. market with him.

Today, both are proud to bring a taste of the French Riviera in Los Angeles. Cavazza, famous for his pastries and in particular La Tropézienne, has created a menu consisting of pastries, sandwiches, salads and other options, a number of them specialties from his hometown. Cavazza spent months in LA training the pastry team and hired executive chef Aurélie Banounn. Additionally, Cavazza will visit and work with the team twice a year.

Pastries Display
The original La Tropézienne Bakery was Bridgette Bardot’s favorite St. Tropez bakery. Courtesy of La Tropézienne Bakery

“I am really proud today to be in Los Angeles and continue my grandfather's legacy," Cavazza said. "I learned from him many years ago and have worked very hard to create my own bakery in St. Tropez. Today, I have the chance to introduce La Tropezienne to Angelinos and tell them my story.”

Modeled after the pastries and delicacies of St. Tropez, guests can enjoy a Tarte Tropézienne, a specialty dessert pastry consisting of a filled brioche. Paired with a morning cappuccino, the Tarte Tropéziennee is a delightful way to begin the day. At the lunch hour, guests can snack on sandwiches such as the Salmon Lemon Butte and a variety of specialty pizzas. For those who need to satisfy an afternoon sweet tooth, the bakery offers pastry items, including Éclair Tropézien, Macaron St. Tropez and crème puffs.

La Tropézienne Bakery is at 211  S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles. Courtesy of La Tropézienne Bakery

The French bistro and café bakery will be open daily Monday-Wednesday, 8 a.m.-9 p.m., Thursday at 8 a.m. through Sunday at 9 p.m.