Lady Gaga has sent her condolences to those who lost their lives in the blaze at a Brazil night club this past weekend. The fire at Kiss night club in Santa Maria, Brazil, took the lives of 232 partygoers Saturday.

The singer took to Twitter just hours after the tragedy to express her sadness that a fan of hers was among those who died. “A Little Monster died in a tragedy here in Brazil! His name is Luiz Felipe! Mother Monster Pray for him!” she tweeted.

“My heart is with you Brazil,” she continued. “Sending my prayers to the families and friends who lost loved one in the fire in Brazil. Im thinking of you today during this tragedy.”

Gaga then shared a photo on her Twitter page Sunday of herself with her hands clasped in prayer and captioned #prayforSantaMaria.

The fire reportedly occurred when a local band that was performing at the club set off a flare or firework onstage that set the highly flammable ceiling sound-proofing aflame.

The club held an estimated 2,000 people who scrambled to get to safety among the blaze. Many who died succumbed to the smoke and toxic fumes within the overcrowded nightclub, according to the Daily Mail. Approximately 80 people are in the hospital in critical condition.

It is speculated that several people were blocked from exiting the club by bouncers because they could not prove that they’d resolved their drink bills, the Mail details. It is also being reported that none of the fire extinguishers at the venue were functional.

At least 180 bodies were found in the bathroom, which many had mistaken for an exit in the melee, police report.

Most of the victims were college age, between 18 and 25; the tragedy is being considered one of the deadliest nightclub fires in a decade.