• Lady Gaga urged everyone to wear a face-covering amid the pandemic during the 2020 MTV VMAs
  • Gaga’s futuristic masks included one with giant horns, a clear helmet-like shield and an electronic mask
  • The singer joked that she has been wearing masks long before they “were a thing”

Lady Gaga once again reminded everyone why she's a style icon when she put on a unique fashion show during the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, taking to the stage each time with a different face mask.

Gaga was one of the biggest winners of the 2020 MTV VMAs on Sunday and had nine outfit changes throughout the event. With each new ensemble, she donned a matching mask to encourage viewers to stay safe during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

For her "Rain On Me" performance with Ariana Grande, she chose an electronic mask that seemed to respond to her singing.

When she accepted the song of the year award, Gaga paired her stunning pale green gown and platinum blonde hair with a mask with giant horns extending from it.

Other futuristic masks Gaga wore during the 2020 VMAs included a clear helmet-like shield, a pink mask that covered nearly her entire face and a shiny silver mask.

"Celebrate yourself, be kind, mask up," the 34-year-old said at the end of her nine-minute "Chromatica" medley performance.

Gaga also joked that she had been wearing masks long before they "were a thing."

"I might sound like a broken record, but wear a mask, it’s a sign of respect," she said. "Just because we’re separated right now and culture may feel less alive, I know a renaissance is coming and the wrath of pop culture will inspire you and the rage of art will empower you as it responds to hardship with its generosity and love."

Needless to say, Gaga’s masked looks received a lot of love from fans.

"Gaga is not only serving new looks but new masks. A QUEEEEEN. Shes making mask a fashion #VMAs #GagaVMAs," one fan wrote on Twitter.

"The way gaga played into the corona situation with the stylized masks she is the moment," another commented.

"If Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande can deliver THESE live vocals through full futuristic headgear you can survive wearing a cloth mask to go to the store Karen," a third user pointed out.

Gaga took home the artist of the year award on Sunday night in addition to the inaugural TriCon award, which recognized her achievements in music, fashion and acting.

"Rain On Me," Gaga's track with Grande, won song of the year, best collaboration and best cinematography.

The 2020 MTV VMAs ceremony was held in New York without a live audience, and performances were broadcast from various outdoor locations.