• Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson suddenly went viral on Twitter
  • Larry shippers claimed that they did not expect that Styles and Tomlinson would trend
  • Larry, a portmanteau of Louis and Harry, was coined by supporters who believe that Styles and Tomlinson were romantically involved

Fans of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, especially the Larry shippers, are ecstatic after seeing that the former One Direction members are once again trending on Twitter.

For those who are not aware of what the word “Larry” means, it is a combination of Styles and Tomlinson’s first names —Louis and Harry. As for the word ship or shipping, a  CCN  report explains that shipping is a term for fans who have a deep desire to bring two people together or have a relationship.

The “Larry” conspiracy reportedly began during the peak of the famous band One Direction, where Styles and Tomlinson were members. The said news outlet further reported that the “Larry” ship has negatively affected Tomlinson’s romantic relationship with Eleanor Calder and his friendship with the “Watermelon Sugar” singer.

Several years have passed, but the “Larry” shippers are still around. In fact, out of nowhere, Tomlinson and Styles went viral on Twitter Wednesday.

“This is so funny,” a Twitter user said. “People just be discussing whatever about Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles then BOOM, we accidentally trend something.”

“It’s a weekly occurrence now,” the said Twitter user added.

“Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles being [an] an iconic couple of the decade,” a Larry shipper tweeted.

“ Welp, since Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are trending, might as well say happy anniversary to whatever this was,” another fan said.

“Can’t get any work done with all this @Harry_Styles & @Louis_Tomlinson content!” one fan added in the Twitter trend. “Ahhh! We’re unstoppable, love love love.”

“Love watching #LarryStylinson videos at midnight @Harry_Styles @Louis_Tomlinson #OneDirection #LarryIsReal,” another Larry shipper tweeted.

“Since we accidentally trended, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles,” a Larry shipper added.  “Enjoy some Larry manips that I love.”

It is important to note that the existence of Larry ship had been denied by one of Styles and Tomlinson’s former bandmate, Zayn Malik. In 2015, news outlet  Heat World quoted Malik’s interview with Fader magazine where he said that there was no secret relationship going on with any of the band members.