Scottie, Larsa Pippen
Scottie and Larsa Pippen, pictured here at the Kygo Haute Living cover celebration on March 16, 2016 in Miami, have ended their 19-year marriage. Getty Images/Sergi Alexander


  • Larsa Pippen claimed that Tamron Hall never wanted a "fair conversation" with her
  • Some social media users argued that Hall only asked Pippen questions that people want to know the answers to
  • Hall recently explained why she asked Pippen hard questions during their February sit-down

Larsa Pippen did not feel that her interview with Tamron Hall was fair.

The "Real Housewives of Miami" star slammed Hall after the talk show host defended their February on-air sit-down, in which she asked Pippen about her relationship with Michael Jordan's son Marcus Jordan.

"She was very negative and judgmental," Pippen claimed of Hall in a comment on The Shade Room's Instagram post about the TV host's remarks. "Her tone and facial expressions indicated she never wanted to have a fair conversation."

The reality star went on to throw shade at Hall, writing: "If she wants to audition for 'Housewives' I know somebody."

But some social media users seemed to side with Hall and pointed out to the Bravo personality that the journalist just asked her about what people wanted to know.

"Larsa, please! The situation is weird, and she just asked what everybody wanted to know!" one person commented on the same post.

Another added, "[Hall] was asking questions that people wanted to know. You went on a talk show ma'am, they want you to talk...not only about stuff you want to talk about."

"Bravo-lebs get so upset when they have to face a real journalist instead of a blogger or YouTuber," a third user claimed.

During her appearance on "The Tamron Hall Show" in February, Pippen, 48, was asked about the dynamics of her then-new romance with Marcus, 32.

At the time, Hall grilled Pippen over the fact that Marcus is 16 years her junior and that she is dating him despite knowing that his father is not on good terms with the reality star's ex-husband, Scottie Pippen. Former Chicago Bulls teammates Michael and Scottie had a falling out following claims made by the former in the 2020 docuseries "The Last Dance."

Pippen told Hall at one point during their chat that she didn't "really want to talk about" her boyfriend's family and argued that age doesn't "determine" one's "level of maturity."

Earlier this week, Hall defended her line of questioning when she was asked by E! News about her interview with Pippen.

"I think they are entitled to feel the way they feel," Hall said when asked why she thinks Pippen felt that the TV host had been too hard on her. "But the reality — and how I approach every interview — I want people to know that they're in a safe space. I want them to know that this is an authentic conversation, and my job is to not waste the time of the people watching at home."

Hall quoted the late broadcaster Barbara Walters as saying that she never wanted to leave an interview and have someone tell her, "You should've asked that."

"That's the goal, I don't want you at home to do my job. You're already giving me your time. So for me, it's always a respectful environment. I don't benefit from [an] ambush interview. Every guest on our show, they know the topic. They don't know the questions, but if you know the questions, it's not an interview, it's a PR stunt and we don't do PR stunts," Hall explained.

The Emmy winner said that on the show, she just encourages her guests to tell their stories. She added that "if you're not happy with the answers you gave, that's between you and your PR team, that's not me."

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