Eric Nowsch, 19, is being charged with the death of a 44-year-old mother of four. Reuters

Police Saturday sought a second suspect in the death of Tammy Meyers, 44, in advance of her alleged killer's first court appearance next week. It's still unclear whether the incident was a case of road rage or a neighborhood vendetta.

Erich Milton Nowsch Jr., 19, allegedly shot Meyers, a mother of four who had just given her 15-year-old daughter, Krystal, a driving lesson. Nowsch followed Meyers as a passenger in a silver Audi and allegedly shot her in front of her Las Vegas home.

Nowsch lived less than a block from Meyers and had attended high school with two of her sons. Meyers’ husband, Robert, said his wife also counseled Nowsch after his father committed suicide in 2010.

Five days after the shooting, police questioned Nowsch on an unrelated charge, His physical description did not match that of the suspect, who was described by Kristal as 6-foot. Nowsch is 5-foot-3. Police began to suspect his involvement after his alibi didn’t check out, and he eventually was charged with murder, attempted murder and illegal discharge of a gun.

Police said Nowsch told friends after the shooting he felt his life was in danger. He said he saw a gun waved at him from a green car in a middle school parking lot while riding as a passenger in a friend’s silver Audi. He said he believed the occupants of the green car, a 1993 Buick Park Avenue sedan that contained Meyers and her daughter, were after him.

According to the police report, the silver Audi sped up behind Meyers and pulled alongside. Meyers turned down another street and the silver car pulled up beside her again, cutting her off. Meyers stopped the car.

Kristal told police a man got out and said: "I'm gonna come back for you and your daughter."

Meyers then allegedly headed home where her son, Brandon, 22, grabbed his handgun and told his mother to call the police. Meyers then reportedly got back in the car and drove to where the silver car had stopped her to show her son. The vehicle was still there and they followed it for several blocks before someone on the passenger side allegedly began shooting.

Meyers drove home. The assailant followed her and shot her in the head. Brandon Meyers called 911. Police have yet to release the name of the driver of the silver Audi though they confirm they’re looking for a second suspect.

"Got those kids," Nowsch told his friends, according to the report. "They were after me, and I got them."

Nowsch is scheduled to make his first court appearance Monday.