Airing Saturday, Hallmark Channel’s newest June Weddings premiere, “The Last Bridesmaid,” features Rachel Boston (“Christmas in Angel Falls”) and Paul Campbell (“A Godwink Christmas”) starring in their first movie together!

From “Flip That Romance” director Mark Jean and writer Nina Weinman, comes this new Hallmark Channel movie about finding love when and where you least expect it.

According to the synopsis, “Becca Foster (Boston) is an unapologetic romantic who [has] been a member of no less than nine bridal parties. Though she seems to be living the old adage ‘always a bridesmaid, never a bride,’ Becca isn’t worried; she believes true love will happen effortlessly when she meets the right person. She does not expect that to happen when she agrees to be maid of honor to her newly engaged cousin Lucie (Stephanie Bennett).

last bridesmaid hallmark synopsis
Catch Paul Campbell and Rachel Boston in Hallmark Channel’s “The Last Bridesmaid” on Saturday. Crown Media / Ryan Plummer

“Lucie and her fiancé Craig (Clayton Chitty) think otherwise, however, and are eager to pair Becca with Craig’s best man, Aidan (Jeremy Guilbaut). But there is another man in the picture – or, to be precise, behind the camera: Kyle Taylor (Campbell), the handsome videographer who is documenting the weeks leading up to the wedding as well as the ceremony itself.”

Though the two have different ideas on love and life, they discover they both have creative desires apart from their day jobs — jewelry-making for Becca and documentary filmmaking for Kyle. While bonding over their respective goals and encouraging one another to follow their dreams, Becca and Kyle realize they may have just found new dreams in each other, as well.

Brandi Alexander (Allie), Desiree Zurowski (Joyce), Fred Henderson (Richard), Christine Willes (Grandma Raye) and Anne Marie Deluise (Ingrid) also star in the Hallmark flick.

Check out “The Last Bridesmaid” when it premieres on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.