New behind-the-scenes pictures from the production set of “The Last Kingdom” Season 4 have surfaced online. Cnut actor Magus Bruun has wrapped filming, and he is now looking forward to showing the fans what he and the team have created.

A set of pictures of Brunn from the production set of the TV series has been posted on the Instagram page of the TV series. The photos were taken on the last day of filming of the actor.

Brunn shared a picture of his trailer and makeup room, and he also showed the fans the hair extensions he used. Announcing the completion of his filming for the show, the actor jokingly said that he is hanging up his hair extensions and getting rid of the long beard.

“I’m looking forward to you all seeing just how much of a Cnut I’ve been,” Brunn wrote on social media. “Because as you know; Once a Cnut always a Cnut..” he added.

Another behind-the-scenes picture from the production set of “The Last Kingdom” Season 4 teased Alexander Dreymon dressed as Uhtred. The post pointed out that the actor is in a “moment of contemplation” when the snap was taken, as he prepared to film his scenes.

Another important character who will be returning on the show is Haesten (Jeppe Beck Laursen). The character has so far been an antagonist to Uhtred.

A behind-the-scenes picture of Laursen shows his dressed as Haesten and riding a horse on the set. The actor wrote that he was waiting for “the call for action” while riding a horse named Joker.

While some cast members have wrapped filming, the production of “The Last Kingdom” Season 4 continues. The fact that actors playing important roles like Cnut are done with their work suggests that the filming is nearly complete.

The Last Kingdom Season 4
Uhtred will get a new hairstyle in "The Last Kingdom" Season 4. The Last Kingdom/Facebook