Dunn passed away in a tragic car crash
Dunn passed away in a tragic car crash krowm.com

Ryan Dunn, who died Monday in a car crash, was more than a television prankster and gross-out artist. The Jackass star had also been working on his acting chops since 2003 and has appeared in 12 movies.

Dunn has three films that have not yet been released, including Living Will, in which he plays a ghost. In the film, Dunn says “being dead is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, ever,” which lead the internet to declare Dunn’s death a giant, Jackass hoax. Sadly, it was not.

Here are the trailers for Dunn’s upcoming films, including Living Will, Welcome to the Bates Hotel - a thriller referencing Hitchcock’s Psycho - and Booted, about a man who makes hot dogs on his car engine. Pay close attention and you might see Dunn's long time friend Bam Margera in one of the videos.

WARNING: These videos contain adult situations and scenes of graphic violence.

The 34 year old Dunn drove 2007 Porsche off the road early Monday morning, after being photographed with friends at a local bar. He was reported to have had twice the legal limit of alcohol in his blood-system. According to the Associated Press, Dunn's blood-alcohol level was 0.196, significantly higher than the Pennsylvania state 0.08 limit.

Police reported that Dunn's vehicle was travelling well over 100mph in a 55 zone when he died.

Dunn starred in three TV shows - Jackass, Viva la Bam, and Homewrecker, all of which showcased his penchant for peril.