Digital marketing is important to help a business grow its brand in the cyberspace. Photo from Pixabay (CC0)

International Business Times (IBT) is introducing "IGNITE," a content marketing program that builds digital brands using strategic online content targeted to the right audience. IGNITE aims to increase awareness of companies’ products and services to boost brand value and drive profitable customer action.

IBT Media is a fast growing global digital news organization, delivering news and insight to over 90 million readers across the world.

Over the recent months, a considerable percentage of consumers have shifted to buying products online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this, companies need to rethink their digital strategy to take advantage of the opportunity to build their brand and increase online visibility and sales. A survey from PYMNTS reveals that nearly 36% of U.S. consumers have shifted to buying retail goods online. And the same trend is expected to remain, if not increase in the near future.

IGNITE helps businesses effectively shift and position themselves among other brands in the online retail space. At the height of the pandemic when most brick-and-mortar stores were closed, only those who were able to quickly pivot to selling online captured the market.

Companies with a desire to build their online sales and marketing presence are invited to work with IGNITE. The platform will develop a comprehensive content marketing plan with a focus on delivering high-quality, relevant digital content for distribution in various channels to ensure the brand’s message connects with the right audience.

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads, project management software group DemandMetric noted. At the end of the day, IBT’s main goal is to help brands reach their consumers and build trust that leads to increased sales and return of investment.

IGNITE’s work and every decision made for clients is backed up by data and analytics. IBT’s team tracks and analyzes data relevant to each and every business, such as sales reports, SEO reach, keyword domination, organic search traffic, and live searches, among others. The platform will work with every business to leverage data to build branding and increase sales.

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