Just days after Jeff Bezos finalized his divorce to MacKenzie, his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez has filed for her own divorce to husband Patrick Whitesell, a talent agent.

Sanchez filed divorce papers on Friday after 14 years of marriage, according to court papers obtained by The Blast. Whitesell responded to the divorce filing the same day. They are seeking joint custody of their two children, according to court documents.

The couple’s divorce is being mediated by Attorney Laura Wasser. According to the divorce documents, Sanchez and Whitsell have eliminated the possibility of collecting support. A prenup report is also a part of the marriage.

According to a source for The Blast, the divorce is incredibly amicable between the couple, meaning they have come to an agreement about the divorce filing.

The timing of the divorce may be coincidental to Bezos divorce proceedings as Sanchez, a former TV anchor, reportedly was dating Bezos while he was married to MacKenzie. The couple’s affair was brought to light the same day that Bezos announced his divorce to MacKenzie via Twitter.

Bezos announced the divorce to MacKenzie in January, and it was finalized on Thursday. MacKenzie held 25 percent of the couple’s Amazon stock, which were worth an estimated $35.6 billion, making her the fourth richest women in the world after the divorce, according to the Blomberg.

MacKenzie announced her settlement agreement with Bezos via Twitter, where she said she gave up voting control of her Amazon stake as well as 75 percent of the couple shares of the company. She also left Bezos his interest in The Washington Post and Blue Origin.

Lauren Sanchez TV personality Lauren Sanchez, who is now involved in a steamy scandaal with boyfriend, Jeff Bezos. Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images