A hilarious video of a goofy horse has gone viral on social media. The horse, in the clip, falls on the ground and pretends to be dead every time somebody tries to ride it.

In the minute-long footage compilation, the horse named Jingang plays dead every time someone approaches him. He flops to the ground; hangs out his tongue and his eyes roll up, giving a truly dramatic performance!

Once the horse realizes no one is around, he quickly gets up on his feet. He quickly switches his act if he spots the rider making a second attempt.

"I didn't get on you yet... not yet," a rider was heard saying in the video, as he tried to convince Jingang.

"He’s just playing dead," a horseman said, after Jingang toppled to the ground.

"It's cute but naughty," said another.

The YouTube video has been viewed more than 2 million times and counting.

Viewers were impressed with Jingang’s acting chops, with many able to relate to his situation.

"That horse is a genius, wish I could just do that every time someone I don’t like comes near me," wrote a user.

"This is literally me, pretending to be asleep when my mom shouts from downstairs to wash the dishes," commented another person.

In a similar incident, a TikTok video of a dog pretending to faint to avoid a nail trimming had gone viral online a few days ago. The user, Aashin Khosla, posted a video where the dog toppled on the ground as soon as the nail clipper touched his paw.

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