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League Of Legends is no stranger to April Fools’ jokes and they have been doing them consistently since 2011 when they slaughtered a manatee named Urf. Since then, Riot has rebranded the holiday to URF day and always came through with some awesome skins and surprises for the community. First off, there’s a video for a “rework” of Yasuo, which gives him three tornadoes and four wind walls. I wonder how many Yasuo mains out there are screaming for joy because they don’t realize it’s a prank?

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This weekend, Riot is testing out their Advanced Bots in Quick Play and Normal games. If you queue up for one of these modes, your enemies no longer have Summoner Names, instead being replaced by the Champion name followed by (Bot.) I went up against a “Kayle (Bot)” and “Nautlius (Bot)” that didn’t seem like bots because bots know how to CS and play better. All chat has also been disabled, so you can’t flame your enemies or ask them if they are real or robots.

It’s a lot less ridiculous than the Draven head event of last year, which turned every character into Draven with a giant bobblehead and just seemed to ruin games. Riot learned from their past mistakes and are sticking to something less game changing and more fun.

If you play a game before April 2 at midnight, you get a free Blitzcrank’s brain summoner icon.