Riot Games has released some details about the "League of Legends" Patch 9.10, which will bring the new champion, Yuumi. Aside from a new character, another skin set called the “Battle Academia” will also be released with this patch. 

New Champion: Yuumi

Yuumi the magical  cat is a new support champion that latches herself to her teammates to help them out. It’s been four months since players got a new champion after Sylas the Unshackled’s release in January.

Yuumi’s abilities make up a great “poke” support where she has tools to hurt enemies from afar while also having helpful abilities for her lane partner. In terms of supportive strength, Yuumi offers damage boost and healing to help her teammates.

Aside from healing, Yuumi also provides decent crowd control with her Q ability’s slow and her ultimate can root enemies in place if they take all of it.

For now, we’ll have to wait for Yuumi’s release on all servers to see how well she’ll fare as a support.

Battle Academia skins

Ezreal, Lux, Jayce, Katarina, Graves and Yuumi have been confirmed to be the champions to have a “Battle Academia” skin. The skin is based off shounen anime culture and tropes, giving this skin set a colorful vibe and over-the-top animations. Most of Battle Academia skins nail the archetypes of most shounen characters such as the “silly yet full of potential main character,” “his potential love interest” and “the cool upperclassman,” among others.

Many "League of Legends" fans will love this as most of the game’s aesthetics also borrows from this genre of animation.

Buffs and Nerfs

Along with the new content, some characters like Brand, Fiora, Caitlyn, Graves, Master Yi, Tryndamere and more will be adjusted in this patch. Moreover, some items like Essence Reaver and Guinsoo’s Rageblade have been adjusted to be more fair to use in matches.

Lastly, Ability Power reliant junglers will also scale better with this patch as the build path to their item would be much cheaper in patch 9.10.