The patch notes Riot Games released way ahead of Patch 9.14’s release detail the big changes in the game. New champion buffs, nerfs, and specific ability counters are introduced in this new update. The new Teamfight Tactics mode received some tweaks as well.

As seen on the official “League of Legends” site, these new updates were intended to shake up how the game is played much like the previous patch changes. The official support site notes that the new patch went live on July 17.

In Patch 9.14, some champions have been granted the ability to be extra durable when it comes to their defensive bonuses. Leona and Fizz are among these champions. Leona’s W ability had its bonus armor and defense stats reduced, but there’s a flat damage reduction during skill's duration to make up for that. Meanwhile, the innate defense bonus passive on Fizz now scales depending on how much Ability Power he has instead of making him stronger as he levels up.

Overhealing and shielding strategies now have specific counters as few champions are given tools to outright ignore or prevent them from happening too much. With his empowered W ability, Renekton can instantly break shields and apply damage directly to his enemies’ health. Meanwhile, Blitzcrank’s ultimate immediately shatters all shield health for enemies caught in the character’s electric blast.

As for preventing healing, Katarina and Kled have buffs that reduced more healing than any item can offer. Katarina’s ultimate can apply 60 percent healing reduction, which is better than what most anti-health regeneration items have at 40 percent reduction. Kled’s bear trap pull with his Q ability also has the improved healing reduction, too.

Lastly, Karma, Leblanc, and Morgana now provide True Sight on targets they’ve successfully chained. However, they have to successfully root their targets to bring them out of invisibility, and this provides ample time for those caught to escape. Speaking of invisibility, Akali’s smoke doesn’t fully hide hers anymore in this patch.

Aside from the Summoner’s Rift gameplay, changes to the Teamfight Tactics mode are also implemented in the new patch. The Pirate/Sorcerer unit Twisted Fate is introduced in this new update. This game mode also has its own set of patch notes due to its Auto Chess gameplay instead of its traditional Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) roots.