• Leah Remini thankful that Danny Masterson was finally charged with rape
  • Twitter users thanked Remini for helping Masterson's rape victims
  • The rape victims were very thankful to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office

Leah Remini was very happy after Danny Masterson was charged with three counts of rape.

Masterson is facing rape charges for allegedly forcing threee women to have sex with him in separate incidents between 2001 to 2003. Masterson vehemently denied the allegations. Meanwhile, Remini took to social media on Wednesday (June 17) to share her reaction about the case.

“Finally, victims are being heard when it comes to Scientology! Praise the lord! This is just the beginning Scientology, your days of getting away with it is coming to an end! #justice #scientologytheaftermath,” she wrote on Twitter.

Remini’s post received positive responses from the netizens. Many thanked her for helping Masterson’s victims.

“Thanks @LeahRemini for all your endless hard work and courage!!!” one wrote.

“Leah you are an incredible women [sic] for what you have done. You’ve given a voice to many people who thought they did not have it, in many different ways! Wish you nothing but happiness!” another added.

“Yes...justice finally. You helped bring this about Leah,” a different netizen commented.

Remini was a former member of the Church of Scientology. She left the organization in 2013 and created a docuseries about the controversial organization entitled “Scientology and the Aftermath.”

The two-hour special included the rape allegations against Masterson. It featured two of the women who accused him of rape.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2019, she was asked how she wanted to address the allegations of rape against Masterson.

“We filmed with three [alleged] victims. The [alleged] victims were concerned and felt hurt and betrayed by [the delay in airing], and I understand that. They also feel hurt and betrayed by the [Los Angeles] District Attorney,” Remini said.

“I wanted to open up the whole thing. If it was any other organization but Scientology, the D.A. would at least be investigating. I’ve heard nothing.”

Just recently, the three victims released a statement about the progress of their case. They were very thankful to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office for pressing charges against the “That ‘70s Show” actor.

According to them, they were harassed, embarrassed and revictimized when Masterson and the Church of Scientology learned that they were cooperating with the authorities.

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The Season 3 premiere of Leah Remini’s “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath” airs on Tuesday. Pictured: The actress attended the 2018 A+E Upfront on March 15, 2018 in New York City. Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for A+E