Verizon Wireless has pulled out a video showing what looked like Motorola Xoom 2. It was a Honeycomb tablet showing lockscreen in the video and Angelina Jolie look-alike holding the device.

The video also showcased some house exterior doors and windows exploding into splinters. But the trademark Motorola M branding was missing and there was a different camera from the one Xoom currently has. Most probably it could be the quadcore Kal-el (Tegra 3) Xoom 2 still under development.

Android Central got a word that the tablet is, in fact, the Motorola Xoom 4G. That means Xoom 4G will most probably feature a built-in 4G LTE from Verizon, and that the original Xoom will be upgraded to 4G LTE at some point of time.

And Sony has gone ahead and released its teaser video showcasing its two upcoming tablets S1 sporting a 9.4-inch screen and S2 with clamshell design, featuring two 5.5-inch displays with folding design and virtual PlayStation buttons. After the two tablets were first announced in April, Sony has not revealed much on these devices.

Panasonic’s 10-inch Toughbook Android rugged tablet is due to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2011. The tablet is clearly targeting both commercial and government agencies for secure and durable usage. Preliminary specification of the tablet is not detailed, but it will have XGA multitouch panel, GPS support, and an embedded 3G/4G modem, which is optional. Security will be embedded at the hardware level, presumably akin to the level of security found on self-encrypted hard drives and flash drives today.

Panasonic Android Tablet