Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes
Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes married in 2009. Reuters

If Brandi Glanville thought LeAnn Rimes’ behavior around her two sons “crossed the line” before, she’s unlikely to appreciate Rimes’ latest comments about the boys. In a series of recent Twitter posts, Rimes expressed affection for her husband Eddie Cibrian’s sons and said they enjoy listening to songs Rimes penned about her affair with their father.

Rimes' feud with Glanville started when she and Cibrian began an affair during the filming of the Lifetime movie “Northern Lights” – Cibrian and Rimes would both later leave their spouses for each other. She has frequently sparred with Glanville over social media. In March, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star offered the country singer a backhanded compliment, saying that she hoped their relationship would improve when Rimes had children of her own because it would teach her to respect the boundaries of a relationship between a mother and her sons.

“Hopefully, they’ll have a child of their own and she’ll understand better what a proper boundary is for a stepmother and a mother,” Glanville said.

But on Monday, Glanville got into another Twitter spat Rimes. It allegedly started when she couldn’t get hold of her sons, Mason and Jake. Glanville claimed that she had tried all other methods of communication before resorting to Twitter, writing, “Ive been trying to get a hold of my kids 4 over an hour no response to my calls ,emails or messages. Maybe twitter will work @EddieCibrian.” Shortly after, Rimes shot back, “Funny, she just got off the phone w/ them. Sorry, we were doing baths, homework & dinner. All good!”

Rimes later added, “the phone rang, I picked it up. Never saw this til after. All you gotta do is call.”

Glanville did not mention what had prompted to her to reach out, but earlier in the day Rimes shared on Twitter that her stepsons had been giving her feedback on her latest album. “I love kids!! Asking them if my album is good...long brake before "it's good." Omg I died laughing. Boy do they ever humble you!! Lol [sic]” Rimes tweeted. When a follower suggested that Rimes ask them which song was their favorite, she responded “they would say spitfire or gasoline and matches and they walk around singing ‘I don't want to give you back.’ It's the hooks.”

The album, titled “Spitfire,” was released in March, and was widely speculated to be about Rimes’ tumultuous affair with Cibrian as well as her feud with Glanville. The title song’s lyrics, which include, “I only got one burning desire/To let the whole town know that you're a dirty little liar/I ain't gonna get stuck in your muck and mire,” prompted many Amazon reviewers to decry the album for its “distasteful” subject matter.

“Always loved her music in the past, listened to some of this on YouTube, just could not get into it, maybe because the subject matter is so distasteful,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.

Another Amazon customer added, “Leann Rimes may have a beautiful voice but even the most beautiful voice in the world could not make lyrics glorifying adultery and the subsequent hungry destruction of a family remotely appealing. I will not financially contribute to this couple.”

The public tension between Glanville and Rimes escalated even further when Twitter users suggested that Glanville was within her rights to see her sons this weekend because Cibrian was allegedly out of town. “@leannrimes Where was Eddie this weekend? If father is not there, kids have 2 go back 2 mom: LAW,” Twitter user @IWiveClub wrote. “wait eddie isnt in town?” Glanville responded.

Neither Rimes nor Cibrian immediately responded.