'The Leftovers' Episode 6
"The Leftovers" Episode 6, "Guest," will focus on Nora Durst. Paul Schiraldi/HBO

"The Leftovers" continues to withhold answers but fans may not care too much this week as the show returns to a character-driven episode in "Guest." In "The Leftovers," episode 6, we'll get to learn more about Nora, who lost her entire family during the Sudden Departure.

According to "The Leftovers" episode 6 synopsis, "Nora (Carrie Coon) takes care of unfinished business in Mapleton before heading to New York for the Second Annual DROP (Departure Related Occupations and Practices) conference. Upset that her ID has been pinched, she scours the convention for her imposter while wearing a “Guest” badge, and ends up getting detoured by an amorous salesman, a bestselling author and a rogue attendee."

"The Leftovers" will follow Nora around much like it did for the Reverend Matt Jamison in episode 3, "Two Boats and a Helicopter." That episode is considered to be the best yet for the new show and Nora's journey looks to be as dramatic and emotional as Matt's adventures to save his church. Nora's story is interesting and she's only served as a secondary to this point, she had a larger presence in "Penguin One, Us Zero." It's also interesting Nora, Matt's sister, gets a similar episode and fans could look for similar themes or storylines that could offer new insight into the residents of Mapleton as well as the Sudden Departure.

In "The Leftovers" episode 6 preview, the DROP conference looks to be quite wild and as Nora struggles with loss and losing her ID, she gets handed a grenade with its pin pulled.

In the episode 6 clip, Nora has filed for divorce from her husband and appears in court to complete the process. Nora learned her husband was cheating from Matt and fully understands the divorce is final even if her husband comes back.

HBO's Watching The Leftovers blog includes an interview with writer Kath Lingenfelter on what to expect from "Guest." According to Lingenfelter, viewers will get to know who Nora is, saying, "The whole episode is framed on the idea of Nora Durst's identity. What being Nora Durst means changed and was taken out of Nora's control in the wake of the Sudden Departure. The idea is: Is she interested in taking that control back? This episode challenges that." Lingenfelter also notes the episode will take place outside of Mapleton, giving fans another glimpse of the world after the Sudden Departure.