• Leonardo DiCaprio urged Joe Biden to take some immediate action on climate change
  • More than 100 notable personalities from around the world signed the actor’s letter 
  • Biden was lauded for his decision to rejoin the Paris Agreement on the first day of his presidency

Academy Award-winning stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jane Fonda have always used their fame and stardom to highlight the issues of climate change in recent times. With Joe Biden becoming the 46th president of the United States, DiCaprio, Fonda and other notable personalities from all around the world have come together to urge Biden to take some immediate action regarding the matter.

The "Wolf of Wall Street" actor shared a letter on his official Instagram account revealing that he has joined "world leaders from entertainment, government, business, and the environmental movement" in calling the new commander-in-chief on the issue of climate change and what can be done to solve it.

"Congratulations! Your inauguration marks a turning point in history for the United States of America and for the world. As we recover from Covid-19 and rebuild the global economy, we must also act on climate change. In fact, these are not separate missions; they are one and the same," the letter read. "This is the most decisive decade in human history to confront the climate crisis."

Also indicated in the letter is the idea that Biden could be remembered as the "climate president" who led the way in changing the world and letting it get away from the "cliff's edge." The "Titanic" star also lauded Biden's decision to rejoin the Paris Agreement on day one of his presidency.

"By rejoining the Paris Agreement on day one, you have moved the United States in the right direction. Our children and grandchildren must see this as the moment the world was saved."

The letter was signed by more than 100 notable personalities from around the world. The signatories included Emma Howard Boyd (Chairperson, United Kingdom Environment Agency), Bob Carr (Former Foreign Minister of Australia), Elizabeth Cousens (CEO of United Nations Foundation), Javier Lopez Fernandez (Member of European Parliament, Spain), Arminio Fraga (Former Central Bank President, Brazil), Rosanna Arquette (actress and activist), Zooey Deschanel (singer and activist), and many more.

DiCaprio and Fonda are known for their activism. The "Revenant" star started a foundation that collaborates with other agencies around the world to raise awareness about climate change. Meanwhile, Fonda has been an activist for decades now and was arrested five times in 2019 while protesting in Washington D.C. to fight climate change.

Climate Change Protest
TURIN, ITALY - OCTOBER 09: General view of people during a protest as part of the Fridays for Future movement to call for action against climate change on October 09, 2020 in Turin, Italy. Hundreds of people took part in a climate strike organized by the Fridays for Future movement to call for urgent measures and concrete action to combat climate change and global warming. (Photo by Stefano Guidi/Getty Images) Stefano Guidi/Getty Images