By coming up with arguably the best ever Doodle -- guitar chords on Google homepage -- search engine giant honored the American jazz and country guitarist Les Paul on what would have been his 96th birthday on Thursday.

Today's Google doodle is a must see! Interactive, playable, recordable guitar in memory of Les Paul. Innovation is sweet! Cary Tabares‎ wrote on her Twitter update.

Fans of Les Paul, who died in 2009, seemed overwhelmed with the Google Doodle that allows users to click on the guitar chords and play it virtually.

Plinking on the Les Paul Doodle makes it sound like you really knew how to play the thing, said Ulrika Suuronen on Twitter.

Google Doodles are the customized logos on the Google homepage that started showing up since 1998. The latest of all, the Les Paul Google Doodle features guitar strings, bridges, a pick up and a recording button. Users can actually play this guitar and record their tunes.

Here's a YouTube video showing features of the doodle, which is supposed to be first of its kind allowing creation of music on the web with just a few mouse clicks: