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Some LG G4 owners say they're having issues with the touchscreen on their devices, preventing them from using certain features. Reuters

The LG G4 phone is now available for purchase through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile in the U.S., and it's gradually rolling out in other countries across the globe. But despite initial reviews suggesting it is one of the best flagships of 2015, some early users claim that the touchscreen of the device does not register touch properly.

A senior user of XDA Developers, liamR, has created a thread on the forum to discuss the issue with other users complaining that the touchscreen is unable to register quicker taps and swipes, reports Android Authority. It might not be a major fault, but it certainly prevents users from taking advantage of some of the device's hottest features, such as the Knock On and the Knock Code.

The Knock On feature allows the user to wake up the display by tapping two times on the display quickly. And by tapping twice again, the display can be turned off. The Knock Code is a security feature that allows users to set a series of taps ranging from two to eight to lock/unlock the handset.

A surveyed conducted by XDA shows that out of 194 users of LG G4, 40.21 percent have confirmed they are not facing any issue with the touchscreen. The remaining 60 percent claim they have encountered the issue. Also, 27.32 percent of users claim they are facing the issue since they are not using the screen guard. Android Authority states that users of LG G4 can check the performance of the touchscreen by carrying out the following steps

1. Launch the Dialer and input 277634#*#. It will open the Service Menu.

2. Next, users are required to navigate to Device Test > Service Menu> Manual Test > Touch Draw Test > Manual.

3. Here users can try various kinds of touch inputs, such as tap, knock and swipe on the entire display.

When it does not show ared mark on the test screen, it can be understood that the display is missing touch registration. However, the test can be repeated several times to confirm whether the display is really the issue or not.

A video shows the problem with the LG G4 touchscreen:

Source: YouTube / Valkyrie743