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Sprint is enticing prospective LG G4 buyers with a slew of freebies and various payment plans. Reuters

Sprint is offering a slew of freebies and various payment plans to prospective LG G4 buyers. The device, in metallic gray and genuine leather black, will be available through the Sprint website, telesales by dialing 1-800-SPRINT1 and Sprint Stores. Preorders began Friday and the device will be available June 5.

According a press release from Sprint, the LG G4 will be available through various purchase options such as:

-- Sprint Lease plan: Users can take home the LG G4 by paying $18 per month, without making any down payment. When the lease period comes to an end, users can opt to return the handset and get another device on lease or purchase.

-- Sprint Easy Pay plan: Well-qualified buyers can get the LG G4 with no down payment (plus tax). Users are not required to pay finance charges, but make payments of $25 every month for two years.

-- The LG G4 can be bought for $200 on a two-year contract or $600 without a contract.

Sprint is also running a limited offer. Buyers of the LG G4 will be provided with an additional 3,000 mAh battery, along with a 32 GB microSD card and a battery charging cradle as freebies. LG is also offering these freebies through leading operators in the U.S. for all LG G4 buyers.

According to LG G4's preorder page, to get the freebies, users are first required to register their product by June 7 on www.lgg4promo.com, entering details like time of purchase, the IMEI number and a snap or scanned copy of the register receipt. The offer will expire June 21, Phone Arena reported. The accessories will be shipped to the buyer within six weeks.

Sprint is trying to persuade users who are using handsets on contract with another carrier by offering to pay early termination charges and pending payments so those users can buy the LG G4 by switching to Sprint. It is also ready to pay switching charges for those users who are willing to terminate their contracts with other carriers and come to Sprint in about 15 days of online registration along with a proof of early termination costs or remaining balance.