A model poses for photographs with LG Electronics' new smartphone G5 during its launch event in Taipei, March 24, 2016. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

As we inch closer to the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, LG has started dropping teasers for the G6 launch. The company posted a video on YouTube Friday indicating some of the features of the device.

The video starts by asking customers what would be on their wishlist for the ideal smartphone. In the video, customers indicated their needs, which included a large yet portable phone, with one-hand usability, durability, a powerful camera and water proofing. LG then summed it all up in a smartphone-shaped visual and ended with a slide saying that all customers’ wishes would come true in February 2017.

While LG has not clearly mentioned the name of the smartphone, an educated guess, based on LG chief technology officer Skott Ahn’s confirmation to the Wall Street Journal on Jan. 4, that video is talking about the company’s 2017 flagship device, the G6.

Some of the features mentioned in the video have been already indicated either by LG itself or by rumors surfacing about the device.

One such feature is a 5.7-inch QHD+ 18:9 display announced by LG Display on Tuesday. The display seems like one of the features that the company should include in its flagship device — its display ratio and resolution puts its ahead of the competition. The device will have a few extra pixels than regular QHD devices (2880 x 1440p display resolution in comparison to 2560 x 1440p on QHD) due its display ratio of 18:9 instead of 16:9 on 5.7-inch devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

The display is also expected to have a touch sensor embedded inside the display. Additionally the company claims that the display would consume 30 percent less battery in comparison to similarly-sized displays.

Another feature indicated in the video is a thin frame — LG’s new display is 1 millimetre thick with 0.2 millimetre thick bezels and 0.54 millimetre thickness on the bottom.

As for other features, a waterproof G6 has been rumored for long, but it remains to be seen how LG marries the concepts of modularity that the G-series is known for with waterproofing.