LG's new wireless charging pad rejuvenates batteries as fast as wired chargers. Getty Images/David Ramos

With a Mobile World Congress lineup that looks to lack a high-profile release from regulars like Samsung, LG plans to make the most of its opportunity. The manufacturer will drop news about its newest flagship smartphone at MWC and this is what you can expect from LG at MWC 2017.

How To Watch LG’s MWC 2017 Press Conference

When: Feb. 26 at 6 a.m. EST


What To Expect From LG At MWC 2017

  • LG will announce its latest smartphone, the LG G6, at MWC. The G6’s having a high-profile stage to itself is helped out by competitors like Samsung, who is expected to keep its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 to its own launch event later this spring.

  • Most of the specifications for the smartphone are still under wraps, but thanks to various leaks, we’ve got some idea of what to expect from the G6’s design and performance. Externally, the phone will have a screen that maximizes the available display size thanks to a thin bezel.

  • Active users will also appreciate a slated design addition for the LG G6. While the smartphone still sports a 3.5 mm audio jack for traditional headphone and earbud users, the phone is also expected to have a waterproof body.

  • While the LG G5 featured a novel modular design, where users could attach and detach batteries, cameras and various add-ons, the G6 is expected to abandon this feature. Instead, the phone will feature a non-removable battery and also include Google Assistant, which has previously only appeared on Google’s Pixel lineup of phones.