LG Watch Urbane
LG is reportedly working on new smartwatches that could borrow some design elements from the LG Watch Urbane. Reuters/Gustau Nacarino

After canceling the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition a week after the smartwatch went on sale due to a hardware issue, LG is now reportedly planning a strong comeback in the smartwatch scene next year. A new report says Samsung’s fellow South Korea-based tech company is working on four smartwatch models that could debut in early 2017.

For the most part of 2016, LG has been quite mum about its plans for its smartwatch line. Despite ditching the rectangular design of the G Watch for a more stylish look for the G Watch R and debuting the LG Watch Urbane line, the company still failed to find success in its wearable venture. Now, it seems that things are about to change because the South Korean OEM is already preparing four smartwatches that could rival Apple’s Apple Watch 2 devices and Samsung’s Gear S3 Frontier and Classic.

According to PocketNow, LG has already registered four devices with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The four smartwatches are currently dubbed the LG Watch Style, Watch Force, Pro and Sole. Though these four are already registered, there is still a possibility for any or for all four of them to be scrapped by the company in the near future.

The specifications and features of the smartwatches have yet to be revealed, but it is said that LG is just waiting for Google to finally update the Android Wear platform to version 2.0 before it can make its next big move. However, as early as now, LG is already expected to launch its new Android Wear device/s in the first half of 2017.

TechRadar did an analysis of the registered smartwatch names, and according to the tech news site, the LG Watch Style could be the stylish, premium device that borrows some design elements from the Watch Urbane. On the other hand, the LG Watch Pro is very likely to be the one with the high-end specs and special features.

Meanwhile, the LG Watch Force is believed to have a pressure-sensitive screen that is very similar to the display of the Apple Watch. As for the LG Watch Sole, TechRadar claims this could be the smartwatch that works and operates solely without the need of connecting it to a smartphone.

LG’s next smartwatches could also launch with LG Watch Pay, the company’s response to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Since LG has also trademarked this technology recently, consumers can expect the upcoming wearables to sport this contactless payment platform that makes use of both NFC and MST to carry out seamless financial transactions.