Joseline Hernandez
“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez gave fans a first look at her baby girl Bonnie Bella. VH1

After the Monday night special episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” it looks like Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J are finally ready to share their baby girl Bonnie Bella with the world.

On Monday, the reality stars took to Instagram to share images of their child who was born Dec. 28, 2016. Although Joseline and Stevie have publicly announced the birth of their daughter, the two have refrained from showing all of her on social media.

In the past, if the parents would show Bonnie Bella on social media, her face would be covered. Whether it was a hand, blanket or hat, since her birth the child’s face has not been revealed.

However, following the special VH1 episode “Joseline’s Special Delivery,” it’s clear the parent are ready to show off their baby girl. Joseline shared the first images of her baby girl by posting a video of the little one lying down. “#bonniebella,” she captioned the photo.

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In the video, Joseline speaks to her baby girl telling her how happy she makes her and how beautiful she is. “Where’re you going Miss Bonnie Bella? Where’re you going to?” Joseline says to her daughter who looks as if she is slightly fed up with lying down and attempting to escape the comfort of her napper for something more exciting.

“You ready to get in the streets of ATL?” Joseline asks which puts a big smile on Bonnie Bella’s face.

“You are an amazing, beautiful young lady, You are so smart. Look at you! Look at those eyes, you made mommy so proud, you know that? Because you are more beautiful, more smarter than I could imagine.”

“Your hair is beautiful, your eyes are beautiful, your nose, your lips, your ears, your hand… You’re just perfect,” Joseline continues with the compliments. It’s clear that at this point Bonnie Bella is liking what she hears because she can’t help but smile at her mom’s kind words.

“The happiest three months of my life,” the reality star says before ending the video and blowing her little one a kiss.

Meanwhile, Stevie J shared a photo of his baby girl in an adorable pink dress with a headband wearing a “BB” necklace. “Say hello to #BonnieBella” captioned the picture.

Both Joseline and Stevie have been very open about how much they love their daughter. The baby’s birth seems to be the reason why the parent stopped fighting with each other and are working on their relationship.

Prior to Bonnie Bella’s birth, Joseline and Stevie were at war accusing one another of terrible things and living apart but after their baby girl’s birth the fighting stop.

In fact, recently, the two have been posting pictures of one another and spending time together making it look like Joseline and Stevie have rekindled their romance.

In April, Joseline shared a video of the two at a party where she teased fans about having another baby with Stevie. “When your baby daddy is asking you to have a Lil boy,” she captioned the video.

While the state of Joseline and Stevie’s relationship is still up for debate, one thing is clear, these parents love their baby girl.