Although the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” Season 4 cast members are attempting to move on from the past, it seems like there is always something or someone that gets in their way. On episode 4 of the VH1 series, there will be several issues that people need to address with one another, but that doesn’t mean the discussion will result in a happy ending for all.

Check out these five things you should know about “LHHH”  Season 4, episode 4 before it airs.

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1. A1 will go against Lyrica’s wishes

In the previous episodes, Lyrica revealed that she and A1 had an agreement that he would not sign or work with any female artists. However, in the promo that aired following the Monday night episode of the series, A1 can be seen having a meeting with Keyshia Cole. Even though his wife doesn’t want him working with another female, A1 seems adamant about doing a song with Keyshia. Will his latest decision put a strain on his marriage?

2. Brooke and Booby will grow closer

In the promo for “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” Season 4, episode 4, Brooke can be seen telling Booby what happened with her relationship with Marcus. In the previous episode, Brooke found out that Marcus was sleeping with his paralegal Jade, and forced him to break up with her. Once Marcus ended his relationship with Jade, Brooke told Marcus that they were over as well.

After Brooke finishes telling Booby what happened, he tells her that Marcus can’t see that he had a good woman in his life. Later on in the promo for the VH1 series, Brooke can be seen speaking with Marcus, reiterating that she will not be coming back to him and letings him know that she will be meeting Booby for a studio session. Could she be trying to make Marcus jealous after he broke her heart?

3. Teairra’s drinking problem will affect her relationship

During Teairra’s dinner, in which she tried to introduce her friends to her new boyfriend, things spiraled out of control while she was visibly drunk. In the promo, Teairra’s friends inform Cisco that she is an alcoholic. When Cisco attempts to talk to Teairra about her drinking problem, she makes it clear that she is not interested in his help. Will Cisco stick around long enough to help Teairra get through this difficult time in life or will her behavior be too much for him to handle?

4. Alexis’ problems with the mother of Solo’s child with reach a new level

In the previous episode of the VH1 series, Alexis told Solo that his baby’s mother has been attacking her online and she is not happy about the fact that he has done nothing to stop her. In the promo for episode 4, it’s clear that her patience is wearing thin, because she asks him once again to do something about the harassment.

Later on, Alexis can be seen at a photo shoot when the other woman barges in and the two get into an argument. The woman attempts to charge at Alexis but security gets a hold of her before things turn physical.

5. Masika’s friends will cause issues

On “LHHH” Season 4, episode 2, Masika and Zell got into an argument after Zell mentioned Alexis’ name,  and since then the two seem to have remained at odds. However, in the upcoming promo, Masika decides to invite Zell to an event, but it looks like she probably should not have requested his attendance.

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During the event, Zell can be seen arguing with Masika’s friend, who begins to throw drinks and attempts to attack him. Although security held Zell back and no one looks harmed, Masika seems unhappy with the way the situation turned out.

Will Masika and Zell ever get back on good terms?

“Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” Season 4, episode 4, airs Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on VH1.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood On “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” Season 4, episode 4 new relationships among the cast will begin to unravel. Photo: VH1