Cyrus And Hemsworth
Australian hunk Liam Hemsworth is no longer engaged to Miley Cyrus as reports emerge that the couple has called it quits.

Liam Hemsworth is reportedly getting closer to tying the knot with fiancée Miley Cyrus, but the Australian “Hunger Games” heartthrob may have to work on curbing his temper if he plans to settle down. Hemsworth, 22, was involved in a street fight in Philadelphia late Saturday night after reportedly leaving a bar in the city.

According to TMZ, who obtained exclusive video footage of the incident, Hemsworth and a friend were exiting a bar when Hemsworth reportedly approached another man who he claimed had thrown a rock at them. In the video, Hemsworth, seen wearing a collared jacket and scarf, appears to punch a man on the ground, as a third man attempts to pull him back.

The alleged victim appears to hold onto Hemsworth’s leg until a blow to his face lands him on the ground. The fight was allegedly broken up by Philadelphia police, who arrived on the scene shortly after the brawl broke up, and quickly broke up the crowd.

The alleged punchee was photographed by TMZ after the brawl, sporting a bleeding laceration on his forehead. However, he told the publication he wasn’t the only injured partying. “I’m not really trying to start anything,” the man, who identified himself only as Rob, told TMZ in a video taken after the fight. “I don’t think [Liam] fared much better,” he said.

Hemsworth, who is currently in Philadelphia shooting his new film “Paranoia” – a corporate thriller starring Harrison Ford, Amber Heard, and Gary Oldman – was not arrested, and the Philadelphia Police Department confirmed that a complaint had not been filed against him.

The street fight was also not the first such incident for Hemsworth: back in August a photographer in Philadelphia claimed Hemsworth had gotten physical with him after he reportedly got too close to Miley Cyrus. In 2010, TMZ also reported that Hemsworth and his older brother, “Thor” actor Chris Hemsworth, got into a brawl with another man at an event in Hollywood.

View the video below to see TMZ’s footage of the brawl.