Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan critiqued Ariana Grande's posts on Instagram. Pictured: The “Mean Girls” star at the Playhouse Theatre in London during a rehearsal for David Mamet’s “Speed-the-Plow” on Sept. 30 2014. Reuters/Suzanne Plunkett

Lindsay Lohan seems to be walking on thin ice after channeling her inner mean girl when she critiqued Ariana Grande’s looks in her Instagram posts. Fans of the “Dangerous Woman” hitmaker are leaving unpleasant comments on Lohan’s social media accounts even though Lohan is trying to exude positivity in her recent posts.

On Wednesday, Lohan took to Twitter to share to her millions of fans that she’s “feeling thankful” at the moment. She echoed the same feeling when she posted a snap on Instagram and captioned it: “having a good day today.”

Unfortunately for Lohan, Grande’s fans wouldn’t let her behavior against the “Side to Side” singer slip. According to New York Daily News, the drama started when Lohan left “too much makeup” comments on the selfies Grande shared on Instagram.

Instagram user theartofshade_ picked up Lohan’s comments and made a collage to show which of Grande’s selfies received the shady remark. Heat pointed out that one of the photos actually shows Grande in her Perry Pingleton get-up for “Hairspray Live,” which explains why she had a lot of makeup compared to her usual look.

Whether it was simply making an observation or trolling on Lohan’s end, the West End star received a lot of hate from Arianators. On Twitter, many fans of the former Nickelodeon star commented “too much makeup” on Lohan’s latest tweet. Others blasted Lohan by referencing her previous troubles with drug abuse. One wrote: “What did you snort this time?” Another stated: “For what? Did your dealer come through for you?”

On Instagram, the same tension could be felt as Arianators bashed Lohan for her opinion. One wrote: “Too much drugs,” while another one chimed in: “I guess your role on mean girls went beyond the movie and into your actual life, where you felt the need to comment rudely on someone else's posts. How did that rude comment work for you? Cause it seems to have backfired just a bit. So much hate in the world, and you choose to spread more of it. Shame... You should be using your role as a celebrity and role model to spread positivity not hate.”