Though Lindsay Lohan’s heart is crushing right now over news concerning the never-ending battle in Aleppo, she still has things to be happy about. This week, she took to social media to greet her siblings on their birthdays and expressed how happy she was for them.

On Thursday, Lindsay took to both Twitter and Instagram to give a shout out to her sister Aliana who just turned 23. The “Mean Girls” actress greeted her “beautiful & talented” sister by sharing a throwback snap of their family when they were still kids. In the photo, Lindsay visibly gives a hug to Aliana while their mom Dina and their other siblings join them for the photo-opp. Lindsay predicted in the caption that Aliana will have a fantastic year in music in 2017.

Lindsay’s sister, who was previously known as Ali in the music scene, revealed this past August that was reinventing herself as a musician. At the time, Aliana told Cosmopolitan that becoming a musical artist has always been her dream since she was 8. She also gushed to the publication how it was like to be part of the Lohan family. "It's just crazy how things can get out, and be twisted and completely fabricated. Being born in a family that's public, that's just been my life. I’ve never gone out of my way for attention,” the former model in Korea said.

Aside from Aliana, another Lohan sibling also celebrated his birthday recently. Lindsay’s younger brother, Michael, turned 29 on Dec. 16. Just like what she did to Aliana, Lindsay also took to Instagram to greet brother albeit a little late. The West End actress posted a black and white photo of Michael on Wednesday and stated in the caption that she is sending her love to her brother, whom she misses so much.

Early this year, Michael and longtime girlfriend Nina Ginz got engaged. The couple even went to Mexico to celebrate the engagement after being together for ten years. Despite being together for a decade, Daily Mail insiders said the two have no immediate plans of tying the knot just yet.