Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan apparently lied about her miscarriage to garner sympathy and try to explain her unprofessional behavior. OWN

Lindsay Lohan says she had a miscarriage, but there is apparently more to that story -- and less of it involves the “Mean Girls” star carrying a child and a whole lot more is about her trying to win sympathy and explain her unprofessional behavior.

Many were shocked when Lohan confessed to having a failed pregnancy during the two weeks she took off from filming her OWN docuseries “Lindsay.” Many assumed the recovering addict had gone on some kind of alcohol or drug binge, but the former Disney star said she was recovering from being physically ill.

That might be the story she’s sticking to, but not everyone believes it. Two different sources tell Radar Online Lohan, 27, lied about the failed pregnancy.

“She absolutely made it up,” said one source. “Lindsay was never pregnant during filming the reality show for OWN, or in the months after. Lindsay knew she was being perceived as a total slacker, not showing up on time for photo shoots, call times and refusing to shoot. So this is what Lindsay does. She lies! Her family and friends had no clue about her ‘pregnancy’ and subsequent miscarriage. Lindsay is once again her own worst enemy.”

A second insider alleged there was no way Lohan was pregnant because she admittedly drank and smoked throughout the reality show. “Lindsay has continued to smoke throughout this entire series and has admitted to relapsing and drinking alcohol. Don’t forget there have been multiple media reports that she fell off the wagon months ago. Quite simply, Lindsay never acted like someone who was pregnant. It’s just sad that anything that comes out of her mouth is considered to be a lie.”

Lohan’s reps didn’t respond to questions from Radar Online about the claims the two sources made. International Business Times reporter Rebecka Schumann ran down the various celebrities and socialites who could be the father of Lohan’s miscarried child, if she actually was pregnant.

Perez Hilton cited an interview with Kode Magazine where LiLo claimed she and Oscar-winner Jared Leto have been on and off for years. The article read:

"As I gush over my love of Jared Leto, she immediately bites back with claims of a sordid love affair with the statue winner. 'All my friends love Jared, we've been off and on for years,' she affirms. My curiosity gets the best of me and I blurt out 'I bet he's great in bed.' She swiftly responds 'Oh yeah!'"

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