Lindsay Lohan
Actress Lohan appears in court in Los Angeles. REUTERS

The Lindsay Lohan comeback streak is picking up even more steam. First it was announced that she would host 'Saturday Night Live' and now she may be taking on a new movie role.

The troubled actress, who posed for 'Playboy' magazine this year, will star as the late Elizabeth Taylor! The movie, entitled 'Liz and Dick' will air on Lifetime, a network known for it's dramatic, female-driven stories. According to Access Hollywood, there's just one condition: Lohan must stay out of court and off of drugs. If she obeys the her judges order's, she'll retain the coveted role in the long developed project.

The last time Lohan appeared in a film was 2010. She played a drunken party girl who turns into a gun wielding nun in 'Machete.' This new role will allow her to play a role with more class and give a compelling performance.

So will the film be what Lohan needs to get her life and career back on track?

With a court date set for this week and a string of unsettling stories about the star, that will not likely be the case. Lohan has battled drug and alcohol addition for years and has consistently failed at getting her act together. She has been arrested twice and admitted to rehab on several occasions.

Yet Hollywood is the land of second chances (Robert Downey, Jr. is a perfect example) and if Lohan continues to make over her life, there's no reason why she can't regain the respect of audiences.