Lindsay Lohan is due in court Thursday for violating her probation by testing positive for alcohol. According to TMZ, Lohan, 24, tested positive for alcohol earlier this month and now could be facing more jail time.

TMZ cited anonymous sources who said the actress was tested twice for drugs and alcohol, she passed one and failed the other, allegedly. One of the tests is reported to have been taken when Lohan, who was under house arrest, hosted a roof-top barbecue last week. Lohan maintains that there was no alcohol in her house.

Last April, Lohan was sentenced to four months in jail for allegedly stealing a necklace worth $2,500 but instead was allowed to spend 35 days under house arrest while wearing an electronic monitoring device.

TMZ reports that the Los Angeles County Porbation Department will ask the judge in the case to end Lohan's house arrest and send her back to jail. This is the second time Lohan has allegedly broken her probation. In 2007 a judge told Lohan she could not consume any alcohol while on probation for a DUI. Lindsey broke that probabtion when she plead 'no contest' to the alleged necklace shoplifting. And now, with the failed alochol test, Lohan has apparently broken probation again.

As part of her plea in the necklace case, Lohan was orderd to do 480 hours of community service, but not until after her house arrest was over. She was also sentenced to undergo psychological counseling and attend a shoplifters alternative course.

Being in and out of court has left Lohan in the public eye--especially when her nail polish read 'F*** u' when she was last in court. Here's a look at some of Lohan's court house outfits.