Lingerie Fashion Week
Lingerie Fashion Week kicked off in NYC and there was lots of skin, lace and big hair. Sebastien Prudent

Lingerie has fast moved from its roots of modesty to becoming mainstream, evolving with new fabrics, designs and trends. With this movement comes the third biannual Lingerie Fashion Week in New York City. While Canoe Studios is a far cry from the glamour of New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, it was a stage for both domestic and international brands to showcase their naughty goodies.

This is the first fashion week dedicated entirely to intimate apparel. Brands can use these three days to showcase their goods and designs to stylists, designers and buyers in the lingerie world. It is a stage to show not only the latest trends, but also the newest fabrics and designs.

Innerwear as outerwear is a trend that continues to gain momentum in the fashion world. It is no longer taboo to flash your bra under a sheer blouse, or wear a corset out at night. Women are now longing to feel sexy under their clothes, with lingerie giving them that power. Now, innovation and design are giving lingerie a new place in the market, as the dollars and demand rolls in.

Plenty of skin was on show as luxury brand Naked Princess brought its latest designs down the runway. From lacy bras, loose lounge pants, and sexy night gowns the label created a cohesive collection that exuded sexiness. From sitting on the couch to Sunday to a special outfit for a special man, the brand did not disappoint the lingerie enthusiasts in NYC.

As a modern boudoir luxury house, the manufactures its products in the U.S. while importing the lace. As a brand fairly new on the scene, a spokesperson for the label discussed how they are able to stand out from the crowd. While it’s clear they are looking to find a place in the luxury market, it is hard-pressed to go up against corporate lingerie giants like Victoria’s Secret.