The Twitter account of @__LadyKocaine is being investigated in the death of 19-year-old Texas mother Kendra Childs, the Houston Police Department said Wednesday. The social media user, who goes by the name “LingLingBaby,” reportedly threatened violence against Childs on her account for months before the teen was fatally shot this week.

The Houston Police Department gave a brief answer when asked if Ling’s tweets were being looked at. “We’re aware of it and we’ve gotten multiple calls,” Victor Sentries, public affairs spokesman, told International Business Times over the phone about the tweets. “We take any lead and will investigate it to check on its credibility.” He added: “This is currently an ongoing investigation.”

Twitter users have pointed to Ling's tweets as evidence in the death of Childs, but the Houston Police Department did not name any suspects. Childs was killed in her second-floor apartment Tuesday after a black Camaro drive through her apartment complex’s parking lot and fired five shots. There were two people in the vehicle when the shooting took place, local Houston news stations reported.

Childs leaves behind a 2-year-old daughter.

Social media users began speculating that Childs was killed by her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend after Facebook user Quotaa Taylor wrote a telling post. “How do you kill somebody this pretty behind a n----? You shot her dead in her head. D--- is not that serious for you to be sitting behind bars, because that n---- not gone write you or nothing,” she wrote on Facebook Tuesday night. “Karma is a b---- and best believe you gone get yours! And I'm pray for your baby daddy, because he was the one who found you man I can only imagine the pain and thoughts running [through] his head right now. She was only 19. She ain't even get to experience life yet, man. Kendra was all about her daughter and it's sad she had to leave her daughter in this cruel world ‘cause it took her mama.”

Back in January, Ling tweeted, “I think I’m really evil enough to eat a [mother f-----] alive! Like b---- [I don’t give a f---] about you… I’ll real life kill you and eat you b---! F--- you.”

The day before the Houston shooting, Ling wrote: “Praying everything goes good [tomorrow]. But I just know it will.”

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