“Little Women: LA” star Briana Renee posted precious pregnancy pictures to Instagram, but there is someone important who is noticeably missing from her page: husband Matt Ericson. Renee didn’t hint at any marital problems when she posted photos of her burgeoning belly bump.

“Beautiful moment captured by @thenewbornphotographer,” she captioned an ethereal photo Friday.

The photos were flashbacks from when she was pregnant. Renee safely gave birth to son Maverick Jax on June 24 even though it was a high-risk pregnancy.

As mentioned earlier, Matt wasn’t included in the baby bliss. It could be because he is the subject of drama once more. Thanks to Radar Online, Matt was caught in a web of lies. However, this time his deceit had to do with the workplace and not cheating on wife Briana — as per usual.

The thing with Matt is that he has a criminal past — like when he was arrested for driving under the influence in 2012 — and that doesn’t bode well for working a government job. He lied about his record while working for the state of Washington’s Department of Social and Health Services in March 2013. The information about his fakery was found through Freedom of Information Act, Radar Online reported Tuesday.

“You failed to report this, which is a violation,” Regional Administrator Dr. Tara Fairfield said in an official letter. He was arrested again three months after the DUI after he was accused of strangling his then-girlfriend. Even though he told his job about the incident, he was not “forthcoming with all the facts and information,” Fairfield said.

“Lying to your Appointing Authority is not acceptable and will not be tolerated,” Fairfield said. “It has been determined that you, Matt Grundhoffer [his birth name], are no longer eligible for a department covered position within DSHS, Home and Community Services.”

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Beautiful moment captured by @thenewbornphotographer _❤️__ #BabyMJ #babybump #soinlove

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