Elena Gant
"Little Woman: LA" star Elena Gant loves to post pictures of her twin boys. Lifetime

“Little Women: LA” star Elena Gant is a proud mother. The Lifetime reality star took to Instagram Wednesday to share a picture of her twin sons. She also included her husband, Preston Gant, in the adorable image.

Elena said her life has drastically changed since her sons arrived. “When #miracles like these two happen in your life, it changes the whole angle and perspective you look at this world!” she captioned the image. Everyone in the family wore white for the photo, which garnered more than 53,000 likes from her 342,000 followers.

Last week, she shared a rare image of herself without any makeup. “Moments like this happen casually every day and I'll cherish them in my memory forever,” she wrote.

Even though the twins and Elena are happy and healthy now, there were some concerns about her well-being while she was pregnant. She was diagnosed with preeclampsia and had to be hospitalized.

In a sneak-peek for last weeks episode, co-stars Terra Jole and Tonya Banks worried about Elena when she didn’t show up to a gathering. “She’s tripping me out,” Terra says in the clip. “I fought with her the other day about driving. I don’t think she’s taking the whole preeclampsia seriously. I really don’t.”

Terra explains the ailment to the camera. “Preeclampsia is extremely high blood pressure that is triggered by pregnancy. It can cause a stroke, it can cause heart failure. It can cause seizures,” she says. “It can even cause death and Elena’s been brushing off the preeclampsia like it’s nothing.”

While their worrying wasn’t without merit, Elena welcomed her boys without issue.

To find out on the last happenings, don’t miss “Little Women: LA” when it airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.


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