christy mcginity gibel
Christy McGinity Gibel (right), pictured with her "Little Women: LA" co-star Brianna Mason in a Season 4 promo shot, has been hospitalized for head injuries. Lifetime

A star of Lifetime’s “Little Women: LA” has been hospitalized following a “brutal attack” from two castmates. Christy McGinity Gibel is said to be suffering from two brain contusions from the scuffle.

TMZ reports that Gibel, 38, was taken to urgent care after being attacked by two of her Season 4 co-stars over the weekend. She later checked herself into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after being unable to “shake the headache.”

“Christy suffered a trauma to her head,” the reality star’s husband, Todd Gibel, told the gossip outlet. “It happened a few days ago. She’s still suffering severe headaches and unfortunately, we’ve just found out those headaches could last for weeks, possibly months.”

Gibel said his wife initially thought her injury was a mere “bump on the head,” but she is still suffering. “It’s not showing any signs of going away,” he added.

The incident reportedly occurred at a restaurant in Thousand Oaks, California, where the Lifetime show was filming Season 4. It’s unknown who else was involved and what started the altercation. TMZ reports the cast did not appear to be drinking alcohol before Gibel received her injuries.

This isn’t the first time a physical altercation has occurred on “Little Women: LA,” a series which follows a group of female friends who all happen to be “little people.” In Season 2, episode 7, Todd Gibel engaged in a spat with one of his male co-stars. Christy later explained the incident, saying her husband was defending her.

Watch the scene below:

Christy Gibel’s latest tweet was a promotion for the new season of “Little Women: LA” on Jan. 14. Season 4 of the series, which also stars Jasmine Arteage Sorge , Elena Grant, Tonya Banks, Terra Jolie and Brianna Mason, premieres Wednesday, Jan. 27, at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.